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IMC was born in Madrid in 1974. After  few years  living  both in Spain and in Italy, he finally established  in Ascoli Piceno, where he lives . After classic studies,  moved from real passion, he focuses on photography.In 2003 he joined the no longer existing GRAZIA NERI photojournalism agency and he makes a very deep and delicate work in Ucraina the following year, showing the country’s changes along the Orange Revolution. The result was displayed at the “Festival Internazionale di Fotoreportage di Roma” (Rome International Festival of Photoreport). Meanwhile he steps up co-operation with national and international magazines (Financial Times, Le Monde, SonntagsZeitung, D, la Repubblica delle donne, Sportsweek, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, IL Magazine 24ore.) At the end of 2006 he decides to focus on both social and political sides of Bankals, especially Kosovo. In 2007 he reports last weeks in Kosovo before the unilateral declaration of independence. This work is displayed at the  “Festival Internazionale di Fotoreportage di Roma”. In 2011 he was among the finalists of the Amilcare Ponchielli Contest(GRIN). In 2013 he worked as videographer for the Tea Team Film, in order to make some TV spots about ‘the Quintana’ that will be broadcasted for 12 months on all Japanese TV networks. The Japanese company that supervised the project is ‘Toei Commercial Film’. IMC is represented by CONTRASTO photo agency.




This is a selection of my work,personal projects and special projects

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2015 “Verde Cortina
Venezia, Isolab
2015 “Verde Cortina
Ascoli Piceno, Palazzo dei Capitani
2014 “Verde Cortina
Roma, Goethe-Institut
2013 “Adristorical Lands”
Europe House, Westminster – London
2013 “Ascoli,cuore di travertino”
Teatro Quirino – Roma – Italy
2013 “Ascoli,cuore di travertino”
Caffè Meletti – Ascoli Piceno – Italy
2012 “Vietato! – I limiti che cambiano la fotografia”
Rocca Ariostesca – Castelnuovo di Garfagnana – Italy- collective
2011 “La luce delle Marche-9 fotografi raccontano le Marche”
Auditorium di Santa Teleucania – Morro d’Alba – Italy – collective
2011 “Do JU remember?”
Palazzo degli Anziani,Ancona – Festival Internazionale Adriatico Mediterraneo – Italy
2010 “Ascoli,cuore di travertino”
Forte Malatesta, Ascoli Piceno – Italia

2009 “Kosovo incertezze e sogni”
Parco Nazionale della Sila, Seminario Internazionale sui Balcani, Lorica – Italy
2009  “Kosovo incertezze e sogni”
Fortino Sant’Antonio, Bari – Italy
2008  “Quotidianamente fotografi”
ST Gallery, Roma – Italy- Collective
2008  “Kosovo incertezze e sogni”
Galleria Imaginifica, Bologna – Italy
2008  “Kosovo incertezze e sogni”
Galleria Punctum – FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale  di Roma – Italy
2005  “Ucraina, portrait of a country”
Canon Italia,  Roma – Italy
2005 “Ucraina, portrait of a country”
Galleria FARE – FOTOGRAFIA Festival Internazionale  di Roma – Italy
2005  “Ucraina, portrait of a country”
Rinascita Libreria,  Ascoli Piceno – Italy
2002  “Saint Jacques, Gipsy Quarter”
IV Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia – Italy
1999  “Saint Jacques, Gipsy Quarter”
Palazzo dei Capitani,  Ascoli Piceno – Italy



Welcome to my digital portfolio. This is a small selection of the pictures I have been producing in the latest years.

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A selection of my publications

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